How Do I Start a Food Truck in Florida?

Well you've found yourself in a unique place. We can help, a lot. We've seen amazing launches with grandeur that can be hard to imagine much less believe. We've also seen launches that went so poorly, calling them a launch is probably a disservice to others who have launched in the past. 

So, what does it take to start a food truck in Florida? 

Well, for starters, someone who can cook a little, so if you can't, that's ok, but, you're going to be really dependent on staff to make the magic happen. Just like any business there are many facets to launching a new food truck business. Sometimes an owner is great at the business side and light on the culinary side, that can be a good thing when properly harnessed and team members are actually counting on one another. 

Forming an entity like an LLC or Corporation will certainly fall on some of your first to do's. 

Then filing with the IRS to get a Tax Identification Number. 

Next you'll file for a Department of Revenue Sales and Use Tax Number. 

Finding a Used Food Truck for sale or a Used Food Trailer for sale will be second on the list. 

Next up Food Trailer wrap or Food truck wrap is essential in your success. Branding is key though. People need to know what you sell by just looking at your food truck or trailer. 

Last suggestion is going to be do a lot of research, take classes, watch videos on our you tube channel and others. Take notes and if something seems off, it probably is, proceed with caution. 



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